SōtirIS Security Assessment

SōtirIS employs leading technology from our trusted partner Qualys to deliver this service. Our certified advisors prepare and deliver comprehensive reports that indicate your firm's security and compliance posture.

We follow a six point process that ensures that your organization remains secure and compliant.

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The cornerstone of reliable security starts with knowing what you really have on your network. Our assessment helps you find unauthorized or undocumented devices lurking in your perimeter or on the network.

A SōtirIS advisor will connect a security scan appliance to your network that will identify all of the devices attached to your network.


The security appliance will scan each of the devices attached to your network and record the current security and compliance status. An external scan is performed to assess the security of your Internet connections.

Data Migration

The information obtained from the devices is captured and uploaded for analysis by our advisor(s).

Application Unification

SōtirIS goes beyond just listing which devices are at risk of being attacked - it also tells you which specific patches are needed to fix each problem and gives you a link for downloading them.

A SōtirIS advisor analyzes the captured data and prepares a report containing a measurement of the current threat levels and the recommended remediation processes for bringing your network system into security and regulatory compliance.

Reporting & Dashboards

SōtirIS helps you understand which vulnerabilities deserve immediate attention. Vulnerabilities can be organized by severity, presence of active exploits, patch, age, and other attributes so that you can gain valuable insights into how to best increase your security.

Remediation steps can begin once the severity of the issues has been determined. Remediation tasks can be completed by internal I.T. staff; internal I.T. staff with SōtirIS advisors; or SōtirIS advisors can complete the tasks for you.

Application Unification

It is important to perform security and compliance assessments on a regular basis to keep security risks at a minimum. Ongoing assessments can be less intrusive once a security baseline has been established.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this scan legitimate?

Yes. This solution was developed by Qualys, an industry leader in security solutions, and is an award winning technology that has been delivered to numerous organizations of all sizes and industries throughout the world.

Does this scan meet any industry or government compliance requirements?

Yes. Qualys meets the standards for the following compliance regulations: COBIT, FISMA, HIPPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27002, NERC/CIP, PCI/DSS, SCAP, and SANS

How much do the scans cost?

Our pricing is very affordable, and is tailored to match your organizations needs. They start as low as $2,500 but vary depending upon the number of devices that are scanned and the information to be presented end of the process.

How long will the scan take?

The scan takes approximately four hours.

Will the scan disrupt the workday?

Your organization can go about their workday as usual. It will not affect the progress of the scan and the scan will not affect the progress of your organization.

Are we vulnerable during the scan?

The scan does not affect nor can it make changes to any part of your system or network settings.

Security Assessment Options

Scan + Unabridged Report

Initial scan to inventory devices.

Scan of 50 internal devices

Unabridged report of the results of the assessment.

Scan + Refined Vulnerability Report


Initial scan to inventory devices.

Scan of 50 internal devices

Refined vulnerability report of the scan.

Scan + Executive Report


Initial scan to inventory devices.

Scan of 50 internal devices

Executive report of the vulnerability assessment with an on-site

meeting to review the report and remediation steps.