VDI Managed Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI for short refers to the process of running a desktop operating system like Windows 10 inside a virtual desktop that lives on a server in your data center. This desktop is created by taking a single server and slicing it into multiple desktop computers that share the same resources. SōtirIS VDI Managed Services is a solution that eliminates the need for a client to employ VDI expertise. We provide the necessary hardware, software and expertise to complete a successful VDI implementation in YOUR data center. VDI or virtual desktops should be part of an overall Information Technology (IT) strategy.

Successful Implementations

VDI has reached the tipping point, the technology is mature and the underlying networking, compute, storage and virtualization components are more reliable and offer better performance than ever. High density servers and virtual storage area networking offers dramatically improved input/output operations per second, but it takes a unique set of skills and experience to put all the right pieces in place and build the VDI solution correctly. Each VDI solution has to be custom-built to suit the specific needs of the organization. While this seems obvious, it’s amazing how many sub-standard installations are actually off-the-shelf products tied together with a sprinkling of integration. So, beware of proposals (hosted or on-premises) that advocate such practice, as they’re unlikely to deliver the results you want.

Increased Security

Security has become the highest priority for organizations of all sizes. Implementing VDI for your organization provides increased security, as all of your desktops are in a single zone of control. They’re all housed in a single location on a single domain with a single point of access. None of your data is located on premises or on mobile devices, tablets or laptops, so none of your data is accessible anywhere but from within the data center. A stolen laptop or tablet is not a problem if your data is securely housed in your data center.

Flexible Platform

The VDI infrastructure is built in your data center. VDI Managed Services can be implemented on your hardware and use your software licenses, or SōtirIS can provide the VDI hardware and software. SōtirIS will support any combination of hardware and software ownership. For example, there is no reason to subscribe to additional storage from SōtirIS if your data center has sufficient Tier One SAN storage available. SōtirIS will consult with your Information Technology staff to determine the best and most cost effective configuration of client and SōtirIS hardware and software.

Lower Start Up Costs

To build and maintain your own VDI environment requires a big upfront expenditure. Subscribing to the SōtirIS VDI Managed Services solution eliminates that big cost and gets you up and running quickly. Use an experienced provider. SōtirIS engineers have done over one hundred VDI implementations. We know what to expect and what is needed to make your transition to the SōtirIS VDI Managed Services smooth. SōtirIS has the proven expertise to make your implementation a success and get you up and running and productive in your new environment quickly and easily. Using internal IT resources to design, build and support a VDI environment for the first time is a recipe for disaster. You do not want your staff learning how to do this while other IT projects suffer at your expense. All of these things are very hard, if not impossible, to do when building it yourself. SōtirIS supports and manages some of the largest VDI environments in our region.

Usage Based Software Billing

Depending on the Software ownership method chosen, you could pay for only VDI software licenses used per month. With The SōtirIS VDI software subscription you will receive a monthly invoice in arrears that will indicate the number of users from the previous month. The SōtirIS monthly VDI software subscription prevents the need to "over purchase" and maintain software licensing to cover incidental scalability concerns.

Return on Investment
Stable resources for management and support

Information Technology staffing is famous for high turnover. The industry standard tenure for IT personnel is less than 1.5 years. SōtirIS VDI Managed Services provides a stable and consistent support infrastructure. The primary reason for organizations not adopting VDI is the lack of internal VDI expertise and the real concern of turnover at the VDI administrator position. SōtirIS maintains an ample staff of VDI experts that eliminates the concerns related to the unforeseeable costs of VDI adoption due to internal IT staff inconsistency.

Extend end user device lifecycle dramatically

You can reduce or eliminate the hardware refresh cycle that your company experiences every year. By foregoing new equipment and not going through a trickle-down exercise each year, you eliminate all the extra labor and downtime experienced by staff. This is a pretty obvious savings. In conjunction with eliminating the hardware refresh, you can use extended life devices with the SōtirIS VDI Managed Services solution. If you use thin clients or zero clients to connect to the virtual desktops you can easily get 5 to 6 years of service from a single device. That’s with no reduction in capability and little or no maintenance required. Moving to the SōtirIS VDI Managed Services is going to greatly reduce your annual capital costs. Your IT spend will go from a CAPEX (capital expense) model to an OPEX (operating expense) model. You are trading a large capital expenditure for smaller monthly recurring charges in addition to improving your tax liability. By converting most of your expense to an operating cost, your IT costs are fixed and known each month. There are no surprises, like servers that fail and need to be replaced or desktops that break and need to be fixed. Your costs are consistent and fixed each month.

Business continuity

The ability of end users to access their applications and data from any location via their virtual desktop during a disaster drastically reduces the recovery time objective (RT0) and the costs related to reconnecting physical end user devices. Whether your company’s Disaster Recovery (DR) site exists already or is hosted by SōtirISCloud, your end users can log into their virtual desktop from any device at any location in the event of a disaster. SōtirIS VDI Managed Services allows your company's IT staff to focus on replicating data and infrastructure for DR purposes instead of contending with the time consuming effort to plan for reconnecting physical end user devices.

Improved collaboration

VDI will improve the way your staff collaborates with each other and with outside consultants. By centralizing your data, you are moving your people to the data and not moving the data to the people. Moving data is slow and inefficient, moving screen images is fast. In addition to being faster and more efficient, you have a single location for all your data. No data is copied or duplicated in multiple locations, no data is sent through email or other online sharing systems. You can also connect outside third party users to your VDI environment enabling 100% real-time collaboration between multiple firms working on the same project. SōtirIS manages all the connections, the security and provides all the infrastructure to make this possible.


The recent explosion in mobile devices and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs also fuels VDI deployment. VDI offers an easy, secure way for employees to continue working on the same Windows desktop, applications and files as they move from desktop to notebook to tablet to smartphone. For mobile workers and BYOD users, VDI offers the only way to stay on their desktops as they switch from device to device.

Rapid Deployment and Low Impact

SōtirIS will deliver a VDI environment in your data center in a fraction of the time that an internal IT staff would take to implement VDI. Your end users will not be interrupted or experience any downtime during deployment. Virtual Desktops can be built and staged for delivery to end users over time to further reduce the impact to end user production. The SōtirIS Solution Center (Help Desk) is available to end users that may need assistance with accessing or launching their Virtual Desktop.

End User Help Desk

The SōtirIS Solution Center provides help desk services to VDI Managed Services clients’ end users Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 9:00PM. Help Desk service outside of these hours is provided on a call back basis. SōtirIS client service agents are equipped to assist your end users with launching and operating their Virtual Desktops, as well as assisting with many off the shelf applications. Our agents utilize secure remote control utility software to efficiently assist end users.

Maintenance and Administration

Like any other technology VDI requires timely preventative maintenance. SōtirIS consultants provide proactive installation of patches, fixes, updates and upgrades. These installs are scheduled in cooperation with your IT staff to avoid interruptions to your end users’ productivity. SōtirIS consultants are responsible for troubleshooting and correcting any issues that may arise. Your IT staff will have access to the VDI environment to make simple changes for end users and in case the need for physical access to the hardware is required.

VDI Managed Services versus Cloud Hosted

The SōtirIS VDI Managed Services solution is provided in your data center. We can provide the VDI hardware and software or we can utilize the investments you may have already made or a hybrid approach of a combination of SōtirIS and client owned hardware and software can be deployed.

SōtirIS is a cloud hosting provider for small and medium organizations. SōtirISCloud hosting clients' applications and data resides in the SōtirIS data center remote from the client's location.